International Scientific Conference
“Trends of research on contemporary financial phenomena “
CUE, Faculty of Finance and Law, 18-20 October 2017.

The Department of Finance and Law at the Cracow University of Economics, is pleased to invite you to the International Scientific Conference “Trends of research on contemporary financial phenomena”. The event will take place at ARŁAMÓW Hotel, Poland, on October 18-20th, 2017. The conference is inspired by the 15th anniversary celebration of the Department of Finance (in 2016 – now Faculty of Finance and Law) at the Cracow University of Economics.

The financial sector has experienced rapid developments in recent decades. This phenomenon is accompanied with the increasing complexity of financial interactions and, in practice, usage of more and more sophisticated and complex financial instruments. The complexity of this financial phenomena is aggravated by internationalization and globalization of the economy. An intriguing question is whether finance as science lags behind the development of the financial sector and the various innovations that have emerged in this sector respectively. Efforts to answer this question arises doubts especially about the recent financial crisis that had far-reaching consequences and implications for society and the real economy.

Therefore, it has become an entitled the view, that this financial phenomenon is increasingly losing its economic and social content, with the financial industry more alienated in relation to the real sector of the economy. Significant changes like the use of money and financial instruments are also observed in the public sector, which is reflected in attempts to transfer the efficiency and mechanisms criteria, normally typical of the commercial and private sector, to the public finances secto.  All this raises the question whether finance as science is making sufficient efforts to explain the nature of contemporary financial phenomena and its role – positive or negative – in achieving both economic and social objectives.

The above underlying reasons underscores the idea of ​​organizing a conference related to research methods of contemporary financial phenomena. The organizers through the conference, aims to assess research methods, allow the presentation of research findings and results by participants both in country and abroad, and also help to formulate recommendations.

In addition, this event will be an opportunity to exchange experience, establish and strengthen national and international scientific contacts, as well as the integration of the scientific community and practitioners dealing with finances.

The broader spectrum of this financial phenomena results are not only the subject of research in economics, but also legal, sociology, ethics, mathematics and etc. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • financing sustainable socio-economic development,
  • financial policy (monetary and fiscal)
  • public and local government finance,
  • corporate finance,
  • financial markets,
  • banking,
  • insurance,
  • accounting and auditing.

The aforementioned fields of science and the various specializations in finance use understandably, universal methods of scientific knowledge. Their presentation of research results and discussion should promote a closer look at contemporary financial phenomena, and which will in turn contribute to the rational and responsible use of financial tools in practice.

Important dates:

28th February 2017 Notification of participation (registration form)

31st March 2017  Early Full Paper Submission Deadline (publication in 2017)

31st August 2017 Late Full Paper Submission Deadline (publication in 2018)